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Posted on May 29, 2018
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Bad Daddy POV involves stepdaughters misbehaving, but their stepdads also get painted with the naughty brush, because when it comes to their parental duties, they don’t really put their daughters-by-marriage on the straight and narrow. In fact, instead of correcting their behavior, they end up having sex with them.

“Spare the rod, spoil the stepdaughter” seems to be the rule these stepdads adhere to, but it doesn’t mean they apply corporal punishment in the traditional sense. The rods in question are not canes or switches applied to their backsides. Instead, they’re big cocks sliding their way in and out of the girl’s pussy. Such raunchy punishment brings no pain, just pleasure.

Updates are weekly, which is a standard enough schedule, and you’ll find 57 videos with blurry vid caps accompanying them. Actually, it’s kind of surprising that they haven’t captured better images from the Full HD videos you’ll enjoy when you stream or download the best of the MP4s.

Then again, the scenes are shot POV so they can get a bit out of focus. They seem to be trying for a homemade vibe so the lighting isn’t always the best. Still, sometimes sacrificing an air of authenticity helps feed people’s fantasies. Like when a stepbrother sticks a pacifier in his grown stepsister’s mouth instead of his dick. They eventually have sex with their stepdad. 


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The site is easy to use and looks good – it has a new dark background that makes the thumbnails pop more. You have the option to rate the content and post comments. You’ll find keyword and performer tags, a basic search and a section for your favorites. There’s a live cam link and discounts to other sites, but there aren’t any bonus sites.

There are loads of step-sex sites on the market these days, but the POV angle sets this one apart. So, even though the scenes can at times be a bit blurry and poorly lit, they will let you imagine that you’re being serviced by a hot stepdaughter. In the end, Bad Daddy POV is worth joining for its taboo-themed porn.

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