4 Alternative Ways to use Cam Sites besides the Standard Way

Cam sites appear to be obvious at first look, and to the highest degree, they’re. Today, I will open your eyes on the “not obvious” side of cam sites.

There’s plenty of fun stuff you can use sex cam sites for; you want to have fun with the performers or you just want to unwind after a long day. Maybe you are a little short-change of time due to businesses or work such that you can’t afford to hangout in bars and clubs.

Whatever your reasons are, I have some tips on how you can manipulate cam sites for unique purposes so that you will enjoy every minute you spend on cam site.

Using Cam Sites to Improve Your Hookup Game

If you suck at picking women up in real life, you are not alone. Many men suck at it. Maybe you are just not sure whether your pick up line will work, but worry not. By interacting with the sexy cam girls, you just might unlock your potential.

Maybe you are just running low on self-confidence, but when you get used to seeing hot women shake their milkshakes for you, your level of intimidation when faced by a hot woman will reduce.

Ask her interesting questions about women.

You expect cam girls to be extra nice on you. Of course their job is to make you feel good, but there’s no way she’s going to mask her reactions 100%. At the end of the day, they are just like any other girls you meet in person.

Using Cam Sites to Explore Your Fetishes

Get her to role play your fetishes

For those unfortunate few who are in committed relationships, getting your woman to try kinky stuff with you maybe a daunting task. It is even almost impossible in the case of a random girl you met in a bar or in church (it happens).

Make things much easier on yourself when hooking up with a woman in real life

Why not use your sex cam site experience to explore your own sexuality. Know what you love so you don’t have to experiment with every fetish in real life. You can determine what kinks and fetishes work for you beforehand.

Expanding Your Sexual Knowledge

Sex knowledge is infinite

Whether you are a porn star or a virgin, there is always going to be something that you can learn about sex. You can never master the dynamics of sex, and you can learn a lot from cam girls. Watching your cam girl play with her toys can be very insightful.

She will still put up a show

Although she might pretend on the camera to please you, be assured she will not do something that she doesn’t enjoy just for you. If she’s touching herself somewhere, and she seems to be enjoying it, then it is worth a try – unless it’s something really weird.

Trying to Hook up with Local Cam Girls

Besides the knowledge and education you can learn from cam girls, you can benefit from using them to fulfill your fetishes in real life.

I am not of this opinion though

If you get a cam girl from your area, you may throw the dice and who knows? She might be the next doorbell you receive. You will need to convince her to accept your offer. Some sites don’t allow you to exchange contacts so it will not be outright.

Then of course there’s the safety risk

Not all cam girls are innocent as they look. Try to arrange a casual meet up and then take it further from there. You can also convince her to give you her Facebook or Twitter account and from there you can learn a lot about her.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. It was a pleasure writing it. I will try and do this more often so that you will have a reason to comeback.

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