Understanding Adult Webcams

This article will be informational and is aimed at empowering you in your search of a steamy time. It will be like a sequel to other articles we published earlier. Nevertheless, it remains a standalone article and I believe you’ll benefit from it regardless of whether you’ve read the previous articles or not.

Separating the beans from the chaff

The biggest worry of newbie cam site users is getting ripped off or scammed. Well, there are lots of scams out there and you have a reason to worry. However, knowing the difference between what’s real and what’s fake will save you a lot.

Let’s put this issue to bed

The sure way to enjoy a steamy time at a sex cam site is definitely to use only our recommended sites. We’ve gone a long way to vet the legitimacy of the cam sites we feature on our website. All the sites featured here are run by professionals with physical office address and pay taxes to their respective governments.

However, we cannot guarantee that you’ll not be scammed by the users of these sites. In the next section, I will tell you how to protect yourself to avoid being scammed by the users.

Avoid links; especially shortened links (.ly, .gl etc.)

You will see lots of links being posted on public chats. Thou shall not click on these links. The peeps posting these links will make all sorts of claims. Some will even claim they have free credits.

Some of these links lead to phishing webpages that will anonymously collect your personal information from your browser. Having good anti-virus software will protect you from being harmed by such phishing pages. However, the best defense against them is to avoid them. Also report the users who post such links.

I hope you are now more confident to proceed.

Make the cam feel real

Evidently, cam sites are heavenly. You can improve the pleasure by making them more realistic.

There’s power in anonymity.

Ironically, to make them more realistic, you will need to use a screen name that cannot be associated with you in real life.

A cam performer can do a lot for the right pay. All the same, she is in a different part of the world than you. You can make up for the distance by getting a little bit physical with yourself. At first you will get pleasure by just masturbating, but with time it will get boring.

Think beyond the hand

There are many sex toys you can incorporate to make your sex cam session more enjoyable. Lube is the most basic of sex toys. You will want to try different types of flavoured lube every now and then. You don’t have to use it on your goodies only. Apply it all over your body– It is therapeutic to some extent.

Be flexible. You don’t have to lock yourself in your bedroom to enjoy a cam site. Experiment with your sex sites (after hours in the office, kitchen counter, etc.). A change in the site will really make your experience feel that much more real and exciting in general while you’re online.

Bring in your better half

If you are in a relationship, consider talking to your partner about sex cams. If they are into it, then you will end up having a lot of fun with them and the performer. At this stage you can use cam-cam chats in order to bring to life your threesome.

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