Stay fresh in the webcam world

Being a regular cam site visitor guarantees you ostensibly an endless supply of sexy performers. Even if you decide to chat with a different performer daily, without recycling, you will chat for the rest of your life and still you won’t exhaust the women.

Choose the best sites

The major cam sites have thousands of performers you can sample. However, you will find that the highest rated performers are listed on top of the page or on the landing page. The Newbies and the least rated performers are listed later.

Manage your time

Most cam site visitors find themselves overwhelmed by the number of performers and end up misappropriating their time. Getting too excited by the kinky and sexy performers may result in less time to enjoy private chats or worse still, to a “dry spell”.

Keep things rolling

Aspire to move things from public chat to private chat in less than 5 messages.

If you want to vet her, then you’ll have to do it within the five messages. Another way you can do it is by going through her profile photos and the user feedback, if the cam site allows users to leave feedback.

If you like it put a ring on it

If you love what you see, then works smart to get her to go to private with you. Pace up your approach by ensuring you stand out from the crowd. A sure way to do this is by tipping her right from the public chat.


charm her off her feet. Choose your words carefully, such that you close down as quickly as possible. You should always aim to engage her. When she replies to your message, keep it going. Trust me when you go to private, she will be more than willing to give you a special performance.

Three is better than one

In order to enjoy your time on sex cam sites, aim to contact at least three performers per day. If you are operating on a budget, make sure you manage your time well to avoid blowing your credits. One of the three performers should be a new performer.


You will never exhaust the performers on the internet, so the best you can do is to experience as many as you can. Maintain a steady supply of fresh women to make your time on sex cam sites exciting.

Don’t underestimate newbies

This is coming from the don of sex cam sites himself. Newbies suck. They seem to be doing everything wrong. It is not them, it is you. Given the right guidance, newbies will be the best value for your money. First, they are cheap. Then they haven’t learnt time wasting techniques like the more prolific performers. Lastly, they are always hungry to impress.

Everyone deserves a second chance

A lot of shy newbies will turn into fire crackers with a little guidance and attention, so heap on the praise and show them how you like it and wait to be entertained.

Parting shot

You will never get bored in a sex cam site. And if you do, you have yourself to blame. I hope this guide will help you keep things fresh and spiced up.

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